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Green Carpet Cleaning SolutionWhen choosing a carpet cleaning company, there are many factors that are a part of the decision process. Not only do you want a company that will thoroughly get your carpets clean, but you need to choose a company that will keep your family’s safety in the foreground of their mind.

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning utilizes one of the best cleaning processes available. We also use a naturally-based and environmentally-friendly solution that is as gentle as it is effective.

To schedule an appointment and have us clean your carpets, please contact us at (720) 236-2920. Or, you can schedule an exactimate by filling out the form on this page. Our estimates are always final and never have any added on fees, which is why we call them exactimates.

Green and Natural Carpet Cleaning Solution

Our carpet cleaning solution is derived from the d’limonene found in the peels of citrus fruits. This base helps us to clean your carpets naturally, without the addition of harsh chemicals and aromas. Our solution is a natural de-greaser, fights pet stains with ease, and can neutralize any oxidation or yellowing that may eventually cause your carpet’s color to fade.

Our exclusive low-moisture solution is manufactured in the USA and calibrated to penetrate stains and odors and fight the problems left behind when other carpet cleaning companies use far too much water, shampoo, and chemicals.

Carpet Cleaning That’s Safe for Your Family, Children, and Pets

When having anything done in your home, the priority is always about your family’s safety, including your furry children. This is why we ensure that our carpet cleaning solution and process is safe, natural, and “green.” Our product is naturally-derived so it doesn’t cause allergic reactions as many chemical-based carpet cleaning solutions can. Sometimes, you can breathe in the fumes of other carpet cleaners or roll on the floor playing with your children and pups and find that you have a reaction or a rash. With CitruSolution’s formula, you will never have to worry about this.

Our product is safe for use around the following:

  • Children
  • Babies
  • Pets
  • Those with allergies
  • Those that have had reactions to other types of carpet cleaners
  • Anyone that doesn’t have a citrus allergy
Green Carpet Cleaning of Arvada, CO

Simple, green solution can remove even the toughest of stains.

Why a Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Process?

Since the majority of carpet cleaning services are done using a mounted truck that pumps endless gallons of water into the carpets in order to clean them, many are surprised at CitruSolution’s low-moisture process. There are several reasons that our process works better than wet carpet cleaning, including the following:

  • No mold or mildew — wet carpet cleaning services leave your carpets soaked which is not only an inconvenience as you wait for your carpets to dry, but leaves your carpets wet for so long that it is likely that mold and mildew will actually form in your “clean” carpets
    • Our process is low-moisture, dries within 1-2 hours, and doesn’t leave behind mold or mildew
  • No residue — other carpet cleaning companies pump endless amounts of soap into your carpets, but do not remove all of it, so your carpet has a residue that can actually attract more dirt, bugs, and other particulate
    • Our process doesn’t involve filling your carpets with soap so there isn’t a residue to worry about
    • Also, we have a de-foamer that we can use to remove the excess soap left behind by a different carpet cleaning company

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When you’re ready to clean your carpets and rest assured that your family and pets are safe from harmful chemicals, call CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning at (720) 236-2920. We are proud to serve the communities of Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield, and Golden, Colorado.

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