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If you are a property manager or the owner of an apartment complex, you know that keeping your tenants happy is one of the most important facets of good business. Furthermore, you need to have all of your units looking and smelling their best when trying to attract new tenants.

One of the best ways to keep your tenants happy and attract new residents is to have clean and beautiful units, starting with the carpet. Our team at CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning is who you need to ensure that each and every unit of your complex has beautiful, stain-free carpets that have a pleasant and natural aroma.

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Apartment Community Carpet Cleaning Services

At CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning, we are different from our competition because we use a natural and chemical-free carpet cleaning solution and because of our low-moisture cleaning process. Typical carpet cleaning companies use chemicals to “clean” your carpets, but the solution leaves behind a residue that can actually cause allergies and rashes. Our carpet cleaning company uses a completely green and natural carpet cleaning solution that is derived from the natural cleaning enzymes of citrus fruit.

Natural Carpet Cleaning Services in Arvada, CO

Our natural carpet cleaning solution is safe for pets, babies, and adults.

Our solution comes with the following benefits for your tenants and prospective renters:

  • Safe for children, pets, and babies
  • Naturally derived
  • No chemicals
  • No irritants
  • Fresh, citrus scent
  • Natural cleanser and degreaser

Furthermore, other carpet cleaning companies use endless gallons of water and soap to clean your carpets. However, this means that your carpets are wet for 1-2 days thereafter which can cause mildew and mold to form in the carpeting. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPD) lists mold and mildew in carpeting as one of the major air pollutants in a home and recommends avoiding these in your home at all costs for health reasons.

Our carpet cleaning process is the best because we use a low-moisture process that dries within 1-2 hours, so there isn’t a chance of mold or mildew forming. Also, it means that your tenants don’t have to stay off of their carpet when you’re having their units cleaned.

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Whether your need one unit or all of them cleaned, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning is the clear choice when looking to have your apartment complex’ carpets cleaned. Your tenants will appreciate that their carpets look clean and actually ARE clean because of our chemical-free solution. You will appreciate that our prices are always exactimates as we never add hidden fees or extras to a job.

To have a cleaner apartment complex, happy tenants, and attract new renters, request a quote from us today by filling out the form on this page or calling (720) 236-2920. CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning is proud to serve clients in Broomfield, Westminster, Golden, and Arvada, Colorado.

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