Do You Want a Home that is Healthy by Design?

All-Natural Carpet Cleaning in Denver, Golden, Superior, Louisville, and the Nearby Areas Our health is intimately connected to our home environment; what we purchase and install in our homes matters. Did you know that we spend more than 90% of our time indoors? Plus the level of indoor air pollutants can be two to five … Continued

5 Simple Steps to Remove Toxins from Your Home

Your family spends a huge majority of their time in your home, so it needs to be a clean and safe sanctuary, right? Well, while you, your children, and your pets are living and breathing in your house, you may not be aware that you could be inhaling and absorbing more toxins than you think. … Continued

Is My Dog Allergic to My Carpet?

Carpet Cleaners Serving Broomfield, Westminster, Arvada, and Golden, Colorado. So, your pooch has been coughing, sneezing, and itching lately and you’re trying to figure out what might be wrong with him/her? Well, you might be surprised to discover that it isn’t their new food or even a change in the seasons that’s causing their allergies; … Continued

How Often Do I Need My Carpets Cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning Company of Arvada, Golden, Broomfield, and Westminster, Colorado.   “How Often Do I Need My Carpets Cleaned?” This is a question that we are asked all the time and the answer we give is often met with a bit of surprise. Many people believe that they only need to have their carpets cleaned … Continued

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Incorporating essential oils into your cleaning regimen is an easy and natural way to help make your home look and smell great. Since the Washington Post just published this article, we thought we’d share our two favorite parts about cleaning with essential oils. To clean bathroom surfaces, mix white vinegar and vodka (a half-cup each), … Continued