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Your children are undoubtedly your most-cherished gifts and providing them with a clean home is of vital importance. While your children might be the reason you need your carpets cleaned to begin with, you still want to ensure that the product you use to have them cleaned is safe for them.

At CitruSolution, we use a low-moisture carpet cleaning process coupled with our all-natural carpet cleaning solution to make sure that it’s effective, gentle, and safe.

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How Our Carpet Cleaning Process Works

Carpet Cleaning Services in Golden, COWith children, you never know when the next mess may occur, but you may be left wondering how you’re going to get it cleaned up. Our carpet cleaning process works different than the truck-based, high-moisture processes you may have tried in the past. Rather than filling your carpets with hundreds of gallons of water and soap, we use a low-moisture process that is much more effective.

High-moisture carpet cleaning leaves so much water and soap in your carpets that they may need more than a day to be fully dry. This means that your carpets may form mold and mildew which are allergens and dangerous to the health of children and adults and alike. Also, the excessive amounts of soap used by other carpet cleaning companies leaves a residue that actually attracts more dust, dust mites, dirt, and hair.

The Difference in Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We use a low-moisture carpet cleaning process that ensures that mold and mildew will not form in your carpets as they will be dry in less than two hours. In addition to a low-moisture process, we use a buffer to clean your carpets that penetrates deep to remove all dust, dust mites, dirt, hair, and other particulate.

Our carpet cleaning solution is better than others because of the following:

  • Natural cleaner derived from citrus fruits
  • No chemicals
  • No irritants
  • No added aromas
  • Natural and refreshing citrus scent
  • Hypoallergenic

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If you need to remove the stains and aromas that your children have made, but want to ensure that you’re using a carpet cleaner that’s safe for your kids, CitruSolution is the best choice. Please contact us to receive an exactimate. Our quotes are thorough and never change as we don’t have any add-ons or surprise fees.

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