Infographic – Tips to Remove Even the Toughest Carpet Stains

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You’re walking across your kitchen during a seemingly normal day. The sun is shining, your tea is warm in your hand and smells amazing, and even the dog hasn’t barked all day. But, that’s when a sense of impending doom overcomes you and you realize it — your toddler has entered into the scariest of moments for a mother — he’s being quiet. It hits you like a ton of bricks – silence from your toddler is never a good thing. This isn’t because he’s injured or struggling, but because he has undoubtedly gotten himself into something that he’s not supposed to and you’re going to have a mammoth-sized mess to clean up.

Briskly, you place your tea on the counter and begin your frantic search to discover the surprises your toddler has left you in the three minutes that you mistakenly thought he could watch tv alone while you made some tea. You call out to your little darling, but receive no response. Not good! FInally, you hear some giggling as you round the corner into your living room. What’s this? Of course, your young one has decided to make you a mud pie in the middle of your carpet. “How kind of him,” you think to yourself. Your next thought is that you have no idea how to get this much mud out of the carpet. The good news is that we’ve created an easy-to-follow infographic for you to access when you need help to remove stains from your home. While we always suggest a professional cleaning, sometimes, you just need a simple touch-up. This infographic will help you with your mud pies and more:


Stain Removal | Carpet Cleaning Company of Arvada, CO


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