How to Keep Your Carpets Clean This Holiday Season

carpet cleaning in Denver and NearbyWith the holiday season rapidly upon us, you are undoubtedly preparing your home for the accompaniment of many guests and family. When it comes to carpets, you can never be too careful as carpet fibers will pick up and hold on to nearly anything that is brought into a home. This is why our carpet cleaners suggest the following to help keep your home clean when all of your holiday guests come a-knocking:

  • Ask guests to remove their shoes — shoes hold on to dirt, dust, oil, grease, and grime from the outside world and will leave remnants of this on your carpets, so ask your guests to leave their shoes outside or at least on a mat by the front door.
  • Watch out for spills — during holiday parties, it is not atypical for spills to occur. Make sure to soak them up as soon as possible and treat them when needed.
  • Vacuum regularly — it is best to vacuum as often as possible; at least once per week or twice per week if you have animals and children in the home. This helps to remove dust, dirt, dust mites, and to keep carpet fibers strong and dirt-resistant.

Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning Today

The best way to keep your carpets clean and able to resist stains and tracks is to have them professionally cleaned at least once per year; twice if you have animals and children. Our carpet cleaning process is different than most because we use a low-moisture system. So, rather than flooding your carpets with gallons of water that can leave your carpets filled with mold and mildew, we spot-treat your stains and high-traffic areas, then use powerful vacuums to thoroughly clean your carpets. Not only that, but CitruSolution uses an all-natural carpet cleaning solution that is environmentally-friendly and safe for children and pets. It is derived from citrus fruits so it will also leave your home smelling amazing.

To make sure that your home is beautiful and ready for the holidays, please contact CitruSolution today to schedule our services. We offer exactimates which means whatever quote we give you will never go up like many other carpet cleaning companies. We are proud to serve clients in the Denver Metro area including Arvada, Golden, Superior, Louisville, and the nearby areas. Call us today at (720) 236-2920.

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