All natural ways to get red wine out of carpets

Not long ago, we received a frantic call from a family member who had just spilled an entire glass of red wine on her white carpet. Since her son had just started crawling, she didn’t want to treat the stain with chemicals that might harm her baby. We gave her these solutions to help get out the stain.

1. Immediately blot up as much of the wine as you can (the key is NOT to rub– just blot!) with a clean towel.
2. Pour COLD water on the wine stain and blot until no more wine transfers onto the towel.
3. From there, you can pour club soda on what remains of the stain and continue with the blot/pour method.
4. Or you can try pouring salt on the still-damp stain and let the granuals slowly soak up what’s left of the wine. Feel free to let the salt work overnight if you have the time. When the salt has done its work, vacuum it up. Hopefully the stain is gone.
Some folks recommend adding peroxide to the mix, but it’s important to remember that peroxide is known to have a slight bleaching effect.
And of course, we told her, if it doesn’t come up, we know a good carpet cleaner.
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