Carpet Cleaners in Westminster, Broomfield, Arvada, and Golden, Colorado

Westminster, Colorado Carpet Cleaning CompanyIn the city of Westminster, Colorado, residents are no strangers to outdoor activity, a fun and energetic atmosphere, and the ability to escape to the city or the mountains at the drop of a hat. In Westminster, there are nearly 110,000 residents that are set up to enjoy a plethora of sports, entertainment, and night life. With this much action going on, there are definitely some homes in need of a thorough carpet cleaning treatment. In fact, our team has been blessed and honored to be serving members of the Westminster community for years and are proud to continue to receive great reviews and referrals from these members.

Whether you’re a home-owner, business-owner, or both, our company can provide you with the carpet cleaning services you need. We are thrilled to offer the following services to those in Westminster:

Our Environmentally-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Services in Westminster, CO

The residents of the beautiful city of Westminster are highly-focused on keeping their community beautiful and thriving. With this in mind, the City even has an internal “Green Team” that helps promote the message that “Green Matters” in order to encourage community involvement with making green and environmentally-friendly choices. In alignment with this mentality, CitruSolution uses an all-natural, 100% green carpet cleaning solution. Our formula doesn’t have any harsh dyes, chemicals, or additives; it is made from natural cleaning power of the rinds of citrus fruits. This enzyme is natural, free of allergens, non-toxic, safe for children, and safe for pets.

In addition to using an all-natural cleaning solution, our team uses a low-moisture carpet cleaning process that helps us to protect your homes and businesses from mold and mildew. Traditional, wet-mount carpet cleaning companies will pump hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water into your carpets in order to “clean” them. However, this amount of water leaves your carpets wet for 1-2 days which can invite mold and mildew to form. On the other hand, our process utilizes spot-treatments and mild spraying then cleaning with the same vacuums that are used in the White House. This means that your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned of dust, dirt, pet stains, dust mites, dead insects, allergens, and pollen, but will be dry within 1-2 hours.

Don’t Hesitate to Schedule Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, CO Today

When you’re ready to choose a carpet cleaning company that has your best interests at heart, please contact CitruSolution today. We will give you an exact quote that will never have any additional fees or charges added to it. We will arrive at your home or place of business on time and will not make you wait for us during a multiple-hour window. We respect you, your Westminster community, and your family and do not take for granted the services you allow us to perform.

Please contact us today by putting your information on the contact form on this page or by calling 720-236-2920. We are proud to also serve Golden, Broomfield, and Arvada. Please call today!